Where have I been?

This week I encountered something very scary and it was an incident that I pray never happens again. I was driving Tuesday afternoon, and it was raining cats and dogs. The streets were flooding, and it was a mess. I was on my way to work and I ended up hydroplaning, which led to me losing control of my vehicle. I swerved a couple of times, then crashed onto an embankment. I spent majority of the night in the Emergency Room & had some scans done in my neck and head. I have a concussion, I strained my neck, and I experienced severe whiplash, however I am slowly recovering. I am not able to attend work, school, use electronics, or drive until Monday, then we will re access where I am. This was one of the most terrifying incidents that I have ever encountered and I am very grateful to have walked away without any life threatening injuries. I appreciate everyone being so patient, and hopefully by Monday ill be back to normal and will have more blog posts coming this week!! if you have any requests, comment below! 

xoxo, Mads


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