July Challenge || day 2

Month of July 31 ~ Day Blogging Challenge!

Day 2 – “Share the meaning of your blog/website name” 

I first came up with the idea to start a blog around 4 years ago, but was always too afraid to take that first step. I always found excuses as to why I shouldn’t start a website…

I kept writing in journals and on my phone but never took that leap of faith. The name AuthenticallyMad came to mind when I began to really think about what I wanted to share with others. The one thing I always wanted to do was stay true to myself and always be raw, and AUTHENTIC. Thinking of names for my website was terrifying and it brought on a lot of pressure. This was going to be my baby, if I gave it a name that was odd or too unique, I didn’t want it to get bullied or made fun of on the playground, lol! 

My best friends and family call me Mads, and or Mad. If you ask anyone to me, they would describe me as one “hot mess” and I don’t mind one bit! (: I always knew I wanted some portion of my name in the title, should I do my last name? first name? I didn’t know what to do! I made a promise to keep myself and my writing raw and to never hold anything back because I want everyone and anyone to relate to me and the blog. AuthenticallyMad, evolved shortly after that. I believe it explains who I am, and it is a dream come true of mine. 19724000_10212275932601127_1150678125_o.jpg

So here I am, July 4th weekend, sitting by the pool and I am so excited to be sharing the story behind “AuthenticallyMad”

Join me tomorrow, for Day 3 of my July 31 Day Challenge! xoxo, Mads 



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