Day 3 ~ July Challenge

Hey darlings!


I wrote this blog post on July 3rd, and tried to post it but for some reason it never uploaded! So today, you’ll be getting two blog posts in one day!


Day 3 ~ 31 Day Blogging Challenge : Sharing my pets

When it comes to animals, especially dogs I go crazy and want to squeeze and love every single one! I will literally stop in the middle of the street to go pet a dog. I have always wanted a dog since I was little, and in 2008 my dream came true and we got our first family pet. We got a Westie, and named him Oliver (Ollie for short.) 


(picture- from 2008!)

He was/is the cutest, and smallest puppy I had ever seen! He’s been such a joy to have in our family, and we couldn’t imagine life without him. When I underwent each of my spinal surgeries and was hospital bed bound, Ol’ would lay on the end of the bed with me everyday and he always comforts people when they are upset. 




Can you handle the cuteness overload!? Wait there’s more… 

I am officially an aunt! For all of those wondering…no not an actual aunt. My brother Jake bought a Husky in February, and named him Whiskey therefore I am the proudest doggy-aunt!!! He is THE funniest dog I’ve every met. 19807171_10212308945986441_264869533_o.jpg


He is definitely a busy puppy that keeps us on our toes but, he is ADORABLE, fun, and very loving. With the two dogs it can feel like a full time job but and become chaotic at times but, we wouldn’t have it any other way! They are two of the most happy, loving dog’s I know. fullsizeoutput_a76.jpgIMG_1894.JPG


People say that dogs are very therapeutic, and I can honestly say that they make me so happy everyday! I may want to pull my hair out sometimes because I have them all day, everyday, but they are the light of my life and I can never get enough of their hugs and kisses. Im not a crazy dog lady, I swear but I would do anything for those boys (: 

Do you have any pets? and if so, how they help you and or feel free to share why you love your furry friend! I would love to hear. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post, later tonight!

xoxo, Mads


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  1. My pets can make the darkest days brighter. I can’t see myself without. My hairy children go to as many places I can take them. When we lost Cole, we set up a run in his name to benefit the non-profit, which i volunteer at. Now I have the craziness like you with Basil and Olaf!

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