Finding Little Moments of Peace

Finding peace does not come easy for most people, me included. Sometimes one looks for it so much that the more they look the harder it is to calm down. Anxiety, life stressors, outside influences, and so many more factors can effect your mood daily. The hardest part is  trying to find balance between stress, and peace. 

I am still learning everyday on new ways to find peace, and serenity. To say that I do every thing in my power to live a more stress-free life would be a lie. I’m not perfect and my life is far from calm. But, I try to do the best I can to deal with every situation individually and as level headed as possible. I am going to share some of my skills and tips that help me relax, unwind, or just stay sane, lol! 

  1. Sing loud and proud! 

Whenever I am in a funk, or really stressed out, one of the best remedies I can do for myself is crank the radio up and dance and sing along like a lunatic. It brings out a giggle, which can sometimes help me calm down. If you keep finding yourself so uptight and worried 24/7, close your eyes and put your favorite song on. Get in your groove and stay there for as long as you can!

2. Get your sweat on! 

No I am not the best with keeping up with this one! However, I grew up working out and training so its in my blood. I love getting a good sweat-sesh in anytime I can. I can guarantee that if you release some energy and workout when you’re anxious, or angry, or stressed, you will walk away from that workout with a new way of thinking, and you will be more prepared to deal with daily life. Whether its boxing or yoga, releasing some of that negative energy and doing something positive for yourself will put you in a better mindset!

3. Find your favorite scent! 

I know it may sound cliché, but TRUST ME it works! Putting on a lovely candle and closing your eyes for a few minutes can calm down the body and the mind, allowing you to handle whatever life throws your way.

4. Never forget what your passionate about! 

Doing different activities and things that you find fun, exciting, and that you are interested in is something that I truly believe more people need to do more often. When you’re doing something that you love, it brings out a different side in your personality. When I am writing, blogging, or looking at interior design catalogs, my mind is fully concentrated on that one subject, and I am in a good place…at least for a minute.


I wish I could say that life will get better, that life will calm down, that life will be stress free, but that is not reality. It is a lifestyle change to switch up the way we think when it comes to different circumstances, and sometimes it takes a lot of habit breaking. But when we divert negativity and try to change that into a positive it makes all the difference in the world.

These are the four different skills that I use when my mind is racing, or when I’m all stressed out. Do they work all the time? No, but doing little things to make yourself better is one step in the right direction.



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