This too shall pass

I watched this video for the first time the other day and I was so excited to make a blog post about it! This video made my feel empowered, it made me cry, and I encourage everyone to watch it and save it for when you need a little motivation.

Everyone, and I mean everyone goes through a tough time on a daily basis….and most of the time those struggles aren’t visible to the naked eye. If you’re like me, sometimes people would never know when something negative was ocuring. I have learned to put my issues on the side when needed and deal with the task at hand. If you’re going through divorce, financial issues, health problems, family matters, a breakup, pain, or any kind of crisis, know that you are not in this alone and this moment of pain and heartache will not last forever. God gave you this hardship because He knows you are strong enough to handle the situation at hand. No problem is too big for you to deal with, and just remember that one day you will find a little light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Just like the video said, “clouds will lift, and the darkness will pass.” I know it seems like the end of the world right now, and it is so easy to allow negativity to take over your world, trust me…but when it comes to any personal burden, or obstacle, the hope is that we will come out a better person and in a better place than before. Nothing else matters besides where you came from, where you’re going, and your journey throughout all of it.

The one thing a lot of people believe is that they SHOULDN’T feel depressed, sad, anxious, or overwhelmed. This is so common, and something that almost everyone goes through once in a while. Some people won’t let themselves cry or get upset, and to be honest that breaks my heart. As humans it is so important to allow ourselves to feel whatever feeling comes about. In order to grow we have to be able to take every experience and learn from them. Trust in the fact that every painful situation is leading you to something greater, to a new experience, and to a better place.

The stormy clouds will lift, the rain will subside, and the darkness will fade…You are all meant to SHINE and to do something great, and powerful with your life. Don’t let a negative and hard situation dictate your future. You are strong enough to deal with any position you are put in!! With every set back there is an opportunity to come back. Staying positive can tend to become a full time job. We may not be able to change what is happening around us, but we have full control as to how we react to certain events. It has taken many months, even years, for me to come to terms with my life, and the path that it has gone. However, even though being positive is extremely difficult, it is so important for how we deal with life, and different life struggles.


I was in a dark place for a very, very long time. I allowed my situation to run my emotions and my life. When you’re thrown into a situation that changes your life, it is very common and easy to allow your mind to get into a negative mind set. I am a completely different person than I was a year ago. Do I still deal with depression everyday? Absolutely, however I know that I can’t control what is happening to me and around me, but I can control how I handle each situation. It wasn’t until recently that I have been trying to change my lifestyle and attitude. It has been one of the hardest, yet best decisions of my life. We’re all in this crazy life together, and you are most definitely not alone! You can do this and conquer whatever battle comes your way!!

Check out this uplifting video below!! Comment about your thoughts…

Stay strong and remember to smile today!

xoxo, Mads



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