Facing the fear of change

The word “change” can be exciting, terrifying, devastating, anxiety filled, fun, or all the above. Change is a part of life that everyone, everywhere will always have to deal with. Change can sometimes make us want to hide under the bed and cry, am I right? However Sometimes, it can be a good thing even though we may be apprehensive about it and it can even make us want to jump for joy and dance around the kitchen. Whether you’re going through a breakup, experiencing pain, going off to school, money troubles, family problems, etc… Change can turn our world upside down for the good and or bad. 

To say that their have been many changes in my life, is an understatement. Some have been bad, some have been good, and some I am still learning to deal with. 




Recently there is so much change occurring everywhere in the world…

I saw this quote the other day that inspired me and put everything into perspective. It read, “Be scared, and do it anyway,” It is so simple, yet so POWERFUL and true. By doing certain things or actions that scare us, we become better people and learn. Even though change may suck sometimes, at the end of the day we end up growing and finding out more about ourselves and more about the kind of person we want to be. Starting high school? starting college? a new sport? going through a bad breakup? going for a job interview? All of these events are scary, but they all have the possibility to create different opportunities in our lives.  

If you asked me a year ago, if I thought I would be where I am now I would’ve told you you were insane. I will be forever grateful for my surgeries and the struggles that I endured. In all honesty, people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that. Yes, I’ve been angry, sad, and overall drained from this journey at times but, I wouldn’t change it. I have learned so much about life, myself, and others that I probably wouldn’t have learned until later in life. As a teenager I had to grow up over night, it has had it’s pros and cons but I can now say that I grew as a person and I am starting to live my life again. fullsizeoutput_60b.jpeg




I truly believe we learn and grow the most when we’re struggling, and I will always stand by that. If I hadn’t gone through certain events in the past, I would not be who I am now. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have to surrender and embrace life’s changes and trust that God has a plan for us. Trust the process of life… 






We have raised over $250.00 for the Chronic Pain Association. If you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. For more info, Check out “The American Chronic Pain Association” ( Link below )  


Chronic Pain Awareness

xoxo, Mads 





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